Pasta product

Many are the theories that have been presented concerning the origin of the pasta product. But pasta have a huge funs in the world.An international committee of scientists and food authorities released a Scientific Consensus Statement concluding that, contrary to fad diet thinking, pasta should be characterized as a healthy complex carbohydrate-containing food suitable to most diets. For the first time since the original Consensus Statement was introduced in 2004, scientists addressed topics including gluten-free trends, sports nutrition and sustainability.

Ezma Trade with own brand and also ability of creating your brand on pasta.Our pasta is from Turkey and Turkey is a major producer of pasta. Annual production is estimated to be of about 852,000 tons.Turkey consumes 450,000 metric tons of pasta per year, and 6 kg per per person. About half of the domestic production is sold abroad. Regarding that we are able to bring together our products with our clients.