All products comply with state standards and satisfy all the requirements of DSTU 4492:2005 “Sunflower oil. Specifications “.

Sunflower oil

Oil extraction plant offers sunflower unrefined oil of I sort by wholesale for export. Only the best raw material is used in oil manufacture. Manufacturing process is always under constant laboratory control which allows to keep product quality on a higher level. Packing in plastic bottle.

High degree of automation, as well as strict quality controls by Siemens’ advanced computerized system and specialized software, guarantees compliance with the European standards of the manufacturing process. Adoption of the state-of-the-art refinement technology ensures production of carcinogen-free sunflower oil.

Certified laboratory located on-site has implemented the three-tier system of quality control enabling it to maintain continuous quality supervision beginning with raw material and culminating with the final product. At the first level, analysis of raw material takes place; at the second, every two hours raw material being processed is inspected; finally, at the third level of quality control, each lot of finished product is sampled and tested.